Saturday, January 25, 2020

Democrats Announce A Do-Nothing Governor For A Do-Nothing Response

The Democrats, in their wisdom have announced that Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer will deliver the response to President Trump's State of the Union speech.

Well, after an impeachment that will accomplish nothing, they might as well have their response delivered by a governor who has accomplished nothing.

The Detroit News: Whitmer set to deliver Democratic response to Trump's State of Union address

The best part so far:

The response is usually given by an elected official whom opposition party officials tag as a rising star.

If Whitmer, after trying and failing to give Michigan the highest gas tax in the nation and not accomplishing much, if at all since is a rising star among Democrats, their bench is all sorts of weak.


Chris in Traverse City said...

I was as surprised as you. I'd love to respond to her response by shouting,"FIX THE DAMN ROADS, GRETCHEN" (her campaign motto when she won her governorship, in case you are not from around here). She has failed miserably by insisting on raising taxes a bunch instead of at least spending as much as last year. So the roads are still bad and she's being held out as the future of her party. Go figure.

Aaron said...

Chris in Traverse City: Yep, also I'd love for her to explain how she vetoed $375 million in road spending (and other spending as well against vulnerable populations) in a fit of pique when she couldn't get her 45 cent gas tax increase passed.

That was very a much a take my ball and go home and to heck with you move on her part, but certainly reflects the Democrat method that if they can't have their way and be happy, they'll make it so no one is happy.

Unknown said...

I live in Muskegon, originally from Hesperia. And I was not amused by Gretchen Whitmer's campaign slogan. It was almost like Liz Warren getting filmed drinking a beer on New Years Eve, when you really knew that she had never drank anything as lowly as a beer in her entire life. That is how our Governor sounded when she said Damn. Like she had to be forced by her campaign staff to say a swear word.
The biggest non surprise was when she asked to raise the gasoline tax by such a huge amount to pay for the roads. Everyone I spoke with knew that she was going to try to raise taxes in order to get money to fix the roads. She is a Democrat, after all. I just didn't think that she would try to raise them so that Michigan would lead the pack with gasoline taxes, higher than even California or New York.
She just gave our state of the state address this week. I almost broke my own rule and watched it. But then, I came back to my senses and changed the channel. The addresses are just so much cheerleading for their own selves, you could write it before hand and not be too far off.