Friday, December 13, 2019

Tlaib Tweets On NJ Attack Blaming The Victims

Ace of Spades (who should have been in more blogroll for a long time and I've now corrected that oversight) notes that Representative Tlaib stupidly tweeted that the murder of Jews and a Police officer by two Black anti-Semites in New Jersey was a case of "White supremacy kills".

She then deleted the tweet, but the Internet is forever.

Classy as usual there, Tlaib.

While you may think this was an example of how dumb Tlaib is, after all the killers were Black Supremacists, not White Supremacists, but in my opinion being simply stupid isn't what Tlaib was doing at all.

In my opinion Tlaib knew exactly what she was posting as it fits a long track record of leftists and Arabs blaming the Jews for a tragedy even when Jews are the victims.

Hence, in the leftist and Arab worldview, Jews, being considered by the leftists and Arabs to be White, and Jews are thus White supremacists who are clearly at fault for this act of terrorism by existing. Yes the actual White Supremacists are probably choking on this lefty theology, but it is what it is.

After all, who are the only White people involved in this act of Terrorism? The Jews and the police officer who was shot prior to their attacking the Kosher supermarket.

In short and again in my opinion, Tlaib's tweet rather than being merely stupid was her deliberately playing to her anti-Semitic base in a language they're used to hearing in her District.

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