Thursday, December 12, 2019

FedEx Finally Finis

Well, as predicted they sent the email that it would be delivered between 10-2 again today.

It wasn't. No surprise there.

Further status said delivered by end of the day.

Well, it did finally arrive today, on this truck:

I didn't realize FedEx had changed their logo to U-Haul at some point.

The back of the truck was crammed to the gills with packages so I suspect the reason my package was bouncing back and forth since Sunday was its been sitting on that truck buried underneath all the other stuff.

I saw this as I was pulling up when he was delivering the packages.

Interestingly enough, the guy didn't bother ringing the bell, and yes people were home, he simply left the ammo on the porch unsigned for, as if he had actually been anywhere near here yesterday he would have done so then as no adult signature was required.

Well, one of the boxes was pretty beat up but not torn open. All was present and accounted for inside but a couple of the boxes inside the main box had been smacked around enough that they were broken open to the world, but nothing was missing.

Rather surprised at what a mess of this delivery was made by FedEx, they're normally a lot better. Maybe it's the Christmas shipping rush or something.

On the upside, I now finally have more ammo to shoot, which I got at a good sale, so that is happy making.


Old NFO said...

Yay! Finally!!!

B said...

FedEx (Ground) has been declining in service for the past year.

I think your experience is not unusual. At least not lately.

Beans said...

Sounds like FedEx contracted a non-FedEx delivery service, like those that are doing most of Amazon's packages, to deliver. So, in reality, it may not have been in FedEx's possession since it was first listed as 'out for delivery.'

Glad you finally got your package. And even gladder that none was damaged.