Wednesday, October 16, 2019

If You Ever Need To Reaffirm Your Misanthropy . . . .

Go get in line at the Post Office.

The scene: All of two posties working, a line of about 10 people.

I need to mail a large full envelope to opposing counsel making sure the date of mailing is stamped on it to ensure proper proof of service so I can't just guess and throw a bunch of forever first class stamps on and shove it in a mailbox.

Shouldn't take too long right?

Heh, this is the Post Service we're talking about, and some really slow and dumb postal customers.

Postal employee #1 heads to the back for some reason, leaving Postal Employee 2 alone.

So first person in lone comes up and not just mailing a package trying to decide the best way to ship it, and of course she wants to discuss all the possible options and costs, with the line getting ever longer.

She leaves and customer #2 comes up and she doesn't just want to mail a letter. No she wants to buy some very specific stamps. Not just some holiday ones but some 3 cent Walt Whitman stamps that she saw for sale onlinr.

Yep, she saw them for sale online. So why the heck didn't she buy them online?

Well she insists that Postal Employee #2 go check to see if they have them, and Postal Employee #2 instead of saying go buy them online she goes into the back to look for them.

A few minutes later Postal Employee #2 comes back and states they don't have them and customer #2 get, into a long conversation about stamps and commemorative stamps, not caring that the line is getting longer. Finally she gets her stuff purchased and leaves. Next time buy the stamps online, and save yourself and everyone in line trying to actually mail stuff some time.

So customer #3 comes up, an old biddy that's very nice I'm sure, but after listening to customer #2, she's now all excited about commemorative stamps and she wants to look at all the stamps they have in case there's interesting ones for her to buy.

Postal Employee #1 is still not back at the counter.


Yep, my fondness for humanity was certainly coming to a middle by the time I finally got to the counter.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Well it IS the post Office, the stereotypical government operation.....

Nuke Road Warrior said...

If you like your Post Office, you'll love your Medicare for all.

Aaron said...

MrGarabaldi: Very true indeed, almost as slow as the service at the DMV/Secretary of State.

Nuke Road Warrior: Sigh. Yep, a promise of health care delivered with the speed and efficiency of the Post Office and the compassion of the IRS.