Friday, January 21, 2011

Recommended Reading: Got Monsters? Get Monster Hunter International.

Just finished reading both Monster Hunter International and its first (of hopefully many more) sequel, Monster Hunter Vendetta.

If you're looking for two excellent reads and like thrillers with guns, monsters, interesting twists in the plot, humor and pretty cool characters, all written by an author that can tell a good story, you can't lose with these.

Heck, the hero of these tomes uses a short-barrel, fully-auto Saiga-12 shotgun complete with a drum magazine to battle the hordes of the undead and the H.P. Lovecraftian horrors that await within the books' pages.

What could be better recreational fiction reading than that?

The only ones that could possibly be opposed to these books with their heaps of made-really-dead undead would be the UCLU -the Undead Civil Liberties Union (UCLU members are referred to as Ucluless), and they ain't talking. Groaning and moaning a bit, but talking, no.

Plus the author, Larry Correia, being a three-gun competitor gets his firearms facts right, and he can write very compelling prose. He also has a blog - Monster Hunter Nation, now linked from here.

So my advice is buy the books, then pick a day when you don't have anything pressing to do, because its very, very, hard to put these books down once you get started, and enjoy the ride.

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