Saturday, January 29, 2011

Obama's results when being tested aren't looking too good

Remember this?

Joe Biden may have been off by some months but now Obama's foreign policy crises seems to come thick and fast to this inexperienced president - and have brought on a consistent record of failures - backing a leftist dictator in Honduras, standing idly by while Iran kills protesters and develops a nuclear weapons program, watching Turkey slouch towards an Islamist anti-western regime, and now we watch both Lebanon falling to Hezballah and Egypt tipping into unfriendly hands.

Obama's focus on reshaping the US economy at home and abandoning American exceptionalism and superpower status abroad in return for realpolitik have left a power vacuum our adversaries are only too happy to fill.

Jimmy Carter's blundering and mixed signals led to Iran's fall to the Mullahs and it seems that Obama's mixed messages and dithering may let Egypt fall to the Muslim Brotherhood.

So far I'd say in foreign affairs our nation's community organizer has been tried, tested, and found wanting.

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Me said...

Empty suits don't respond to crisis well.