Tuesday, October 12, 2010

An Editorial by a Minister that can't count but doesn't let his lack of facts stop him

Certain ministers of the cloth, like Obamas' Reverend Wright come straight out with the "God Damn America" song and dance in their liberation theology inspired, blame America first shtick.

Other, similarly believing, Ministers get there more obliquely, but no less wrongly, and in the case below quite inumerately, and wholly ignorant of history.

In the example of Robert Smith Jr, a Detroit minister and self described liberal editorialist (liberal is an understatement - he states his most admired political figure is Lenora Fulani, the facts never get in the way of his blame America first worldview.

In his Detroit news Politics Blog he writes an article entitled God is no stranger. In the article, while pontificating that America should educate its kids on how wonderful the people of Haiti are, and multiple non-sequiturs throughout, he drops this gem of a conclusion:

From World War I through this present mess America is in now in Iraq and Afghanistan, no nation has killed as many people as America. If God were going to curse a nation for killing folk, the United States would be at the top because it dropped the atomic bomb twice, but God is right now blessing Haiti, where He is no stranger.

Huh? What the heck does this ending have to do with the rest of his somewhat tortously constructed and rambling column? Apparently Mr. Smith is a product of Detroit's public schools. Only someone so historically iiiliterate could make such ignorant statements. From World War 1 through the present you'd have to discount the far greater killers Germany, the Soviet Union, China, Japan, Cambodia, Turkey, Rwanda and many, many others before you'd get close to naming America as number one. Heck if you remove combatants killed from the mix the US is most likely near the bottom of nations you could think of when you think of the greatest killers from World War 1 onwards. In fact most of the greatest killers during the period in question were left wing socialists of various stripes.

Further while I have no idea of God's feelings on the matter, dropping two atomic bombs as compared to firebombing raids that did far more damage, and considering the bombs ended the war quicker, leaving far more Americans and Japanses alive than would have been lost had the war against Japan been ended by an amphibious invasion, its pretty unlikely to be a major black mark against America to those who understand context and history. People when killed don't really care if they were killed by a regular or an atomic bomb, they're rather dead all the same, so no special damnation points over the use of atomics to shorten the war please.

The reverend should stick to the Bible, anything past that in time is surely beyond his knowledge.

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