Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When driving with illicit funds, you may want to slow down

In our continuing exhibition of stupid criminals, we present the driver who led police on a 10 mile high-speed pursuit. We should of course mention that he had a million dollars cash in his car at the time.

From The Detroit News: $1M found in car after 10-mile police chase

Charges are expected following a high speed chase in West Michigan's Sheridan Township in which police found $1 million in a man's car.
At $100,000 per mile chased this doofus has got to be crying. That was one of the most expensive drag races ever.

Michigan State Police said the man pulled off suddenly after he initially was stopped about 8 p.m. Friday about 65 miles southeast of Grand Rapids. He eventually pulled over and surrendered after a 10-mile chase.

The cash was found during a search of the car.
Most likely this guy panicked for no good reason.
But its just as well that he couldn't keep cool and now loses all that cool cash.
Police said the money may be drug proceeds.
Gee, ya think? Either that or the money is going to fund other nefarious ends. Darn few people have a million bucks in their car as walking around money.

I guess it goes to show that doing drugs really does make you paranoid and stupid, not to mention broke.

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