Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Mullahs and the Mullet

In between dabling in nuclear arms technology, the Iranian regime is looking to start regulating men's hairstyles:

Yahoo News: Iran offers modest new haircut guidelines for men

An Iranian fashion organization has issued a new list of culturally appropriate haircuts for men, possibly indicating a new crackdown on male attire after years of strict rules for women, Iranian media reported.

Although the Ministry of Culture has yet to officially adopt the styles presented by the Veil and Modesty Festival, the private organization said approval is pending. It would be the first such rules for men's hair styles since 1979 Islamic Revolution.
Here's a shot of the permitted hairstyles - ponytails are apparently not halal. (AP photo):

Coming soon:  The Muslim Hairclub for men?

They are being promoted by Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance as Islamically permissible models, part of an effort “to halt the spread of unconventional styles and promote Islamic culture.” More styles are set to be unveiled Sunday as part of the ministry’s Veil and Chastity Day festival. (from The New York Times)
 How 50's hairstyles are considered a part of Islamic culture is an unanswered question. My bet is a bureaucrat in the Ministry of Culture mistyped the official Islamic hairstyle poster requirements and requisition form and  instead of requesting shots of hairstyles from the 750s typed 1950s and this poster and accompanying policy was the end result.

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