Thursday, July 29, 2010

Arab Museum in Dearborn to honor Helen Thomas with a statue

The Detroit Free Press: Helen Thomas statue campaign stirs controversy

Whether they want the statue because of or in spite of her anti-Semitic comments is certainly open to question.

The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn has launched a fund-raising drive to pay for a statue of legendary journalist Helen Thomas that concerns some in the Jewish community.

Thomas, a former White House correspondent and native Detroiter born to Lebanese immigrants, was forced to quit her job at Hearst Newspapers last month after saying Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine." She apologized.

On Tuesday, the museum started a 45-day campaign to raise the remaining $10,000 for the roughly $30,000 statue.
The statue is as flattering as Helen Thomas herself. Often the ugliness inside a person is matched by the ugliness on the outside and in her case it sure is:

Rumor has it Helen Thomas was also used as a model for Medusa in Clash of The Titans:

On viewing a sample of Medusa in the film, there is quite a resemblance there.

Nice of the Arab American Museum to honor an anti-Semitic, leftist, anti-American and irrelevant has-been.

It is certainly fitting that she gets a pride of place in the museum as an example of the best the Arab community has to offer.

The blogprof also has some great coverage on the statue and the Helen Thomas scandal in general:
Finally! Muslims in Dearborn, MI to erect a statue for anti-semite Helen Thomas

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