Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dive 105 - Doublin' Down

10:00 am at Union Lake, a rather cold day with the water temp reading 43 degrees.

My fist time in double tanks.

Its a little different from a single - the double tanks weigh a good 110 pounds or so, and putting them on is fun, not to mention getting your fins on in the water.

The back kick is a fair bit harder in them as kick and nothing moves for quite a bit and then finally you go backwards. Doubles are also a fair bit harder to control on ascent as the wing is larger and as you ascend the air expands, making you go up even faster, which is not desirable. So you're dumping air quicker from the wing and trying to mange things a lot faster.

On the upside they're very stable in the water, more so than the single tank rig, and a lot safer as you have a redundant air supply, and two primary regulators rather than only one primary.

This is going to take some practice, but its a lot of cool, indeed cold given the water temps, fun.

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