Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dive Report for Tuesday

On Tuesday, right after work I headed off to Union Lake to dive with my two teammates. We were planning on getting two dives in, but it was not to be.

Right after we suited up, dark clouds rolled in. We had just enough time to get the gear stowed and then jump into the car as a massive rainstorm, complete with thunder and lots of lightning struck, and lasted for over an hour, with tantalizing pauses.

Finally it eased up enough so we could proceed with a dive.

The dive went reasonably well and reminded me that much practice is still needed on my buoyancy, frog and back kicks, ok, lots of practice. Did i mention lots, 'cause I surely need it.

Sunday's open water drysuit dives went close to perfect, with reasonably well controlled ascents (not perfect but 1000% better than anything that came before) which of course guaranteed I'd look like a total cluster on Tuesday. So here's hoping that Saturday will be more like Sunday than yesterday.

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