Monday, April 23, 2007

NBC's Irresponsible Airing of VTU killer's tape

Rather than devoting the majority of its airtime to the victims of the killer at Virginia Technical University, instead NBC and with the rest of themediapiling on gave massive coverage of the killer's video taped ranting.

While the killer may have created this massacre and video as the ultimate post-modern English project, there is no excuse for NBC to broadcast his rantings, as they held no real information of value.

The problem is the glorification by notoriety of these deranged mass shooters.

Quick, now without googling/wiki'ing do the following:

1. Name the killer at VTU

2. Now, name the victims.

1. Name the killers at Columbine

2. Now name the victims

3. Name the killer at Thurston High in Oregon

4. Now, name the victims.

How did you do? Remember more of the killers names than their innocent victims? Why - due to the incessant media coverage of these sociopaths, and concordantundercoverage of their victim's lives.

While the media itself is not responsible for these killings, certainly the massive coverage of them is leading to copycats, especially among the deranged seeking their claim to fame.

It would be far better if the names of the killers were reviled and suffered damnatio
(a total eradication from memory) and not given the publicity they clearly craved and instead focus on the innocents who were killed. While it won't stop all, it may stop those who believe that this act of mayhem is the key to fame and publicity.

Providing such publicity sends the message to these deranged individuals that the
way to achieve fame is to go out while taking as many people with you as possible in order to knock Don Imus out of the news and to get attention. Since these killers seem to think its "all about me and my greivances" real, or imagined, the message that if you go and kill enough people you'll get a massive airing of your delusions and dislikes is not a message that the media should send.

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