Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Granholm's China Hypocrisy

Or simply Politics as usual

After lambasting Dick DeVos when he was running against her for the governorship of Michigan for daring to have opened a factory in China (a condition of doing business there) as the head of Amway-Alticore, and raising accusations that DeVos was up to outsourcing jobs from Michigan and being cozy with China, Granholm goes forth to do the same thing.

As reported in the Detroit news article Meet China's new friend: Granholm
The Michigan Economic Development Corp. announced this week that it plans an investment mission to China later this month. It has the full support of Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who was last seen running re-election ads complaining that her opponent's former company sold teddy bears made in China. And she criticized Michigan-based Alticor for locating a factory in China, which is a legal requirement for any American company that wants to sell in the country with the world's largest population. That was then; this is now: "We are working aggressively in China to sell Michigan as the best place in North America to do business and attract new jobs to the state," Granholm said in a statement. If only she had been so forthright during the campaign.

Indeed, but after all that's politics as usual, smear your opponent for something you are about to do yourself. granholm will of course argue she's pushing to have China invest here rather than Amway opening up the Chinese market to a Michigan corporation's products, but that rings hollow as both would lead to a better economic situation for Michigan, a state that both needs investment here, and a place for its corporations to do business elsewhere.

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