Thursday, January 26, 2006

Netflix Gripes

As I've written before, I'm a subscriber to, and generally a fan of, Netflix. Usually I'm very pleased with their service, at least until recently.

It seems to me that the level of service they provide is declining.

Every one of the last three discs I was sent had problems:

1. The first Disc failed to arrive, after a 5 day estimated arrival time from the date it was shipped. Netflix usual arrival time is one day after shipping.

2. One disc had a small crack in it, along with a matching crack in the disc sleeve. There were no obvious tears in the envelope so it appears it was sent in its cracked state. The crack made it unplayable.

3. One disc was cracked completely through from center to edge. Once again you can't play such a broken disc.

I also noticed that Netflix instead of shipping new titles the same day they receive the return, typically will not ship until the next day, which obviously slows down the service considerably.

So out of three discs, one never arrived and two were broken. Not good. I've seen an increase in cracked/severely scratched DVDs from Netflix recently, some so broken that they actually folded themselves in half once removed from the sleeve. Anyone else having a similar experience?

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