Thursday, January 12, 2006

Coin: A Legionary Denarius of Septimius Severus

193-211 AD, Legionary denarius, Rome, 193 AD, 2.98g. BM-7, C-256 (10 Fr.), RIC-2.
On the Reverse: LEG I ADIVT TR P COS Legionary eagle between two standards.
On the Obverse: Head of Septimius right, bearded with diadem.
Condition: Good VF

The support of the Legions was vital for the Emperors of Rome to maintain, and a great deal of the coins produced by Rome went to pay the soldiers to ensure their loyalty.

To that end many of the coins struck featured the Emperor's military virtues and appealed to the loyalty of the armies.

Few emperors struck coins that actually named the Legions. Mark Anthony, while not a Roman Emperor was the first to issue a series of Legionary Denarius, and his series are the most famous. The later Roman Emperors Gallienus and Septimius Severus also struck coins naming individual legions. In Severus' case the legions depicted on the coins were those that supported him in the civil war of 193-194 CE.

This Coin honors Legio I Adiutirx. It is currently for sale, along with a number of other of Severus' Legionary Denarii by Harlan J. Berk in the Company's current bid or buy sale. This coin has a top buy price of $550.00

The Severus legionary series is the scarcer of the legionary denarius issues and such a group of them being offered for sale is quite a rare occurrence.

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