Monday, January 24, 2005

Navigator Errors Compounded

The Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, admitted Saturday that the new 2005 Navigator was in fact for his family's use and was not purchased as an undecover police vehicle or for the police chief.

As reported in the Detroit Free Press
After a weeklong assault, Kilpatrick tried to regain some of his flagging credibility Saturday, when he reversed himself and admitted that the shiny new Navigator reporters found in a locked police garage originally was leased by the city for his wife, Carlita Kilpatrick.

"There were some screwups on communications," Kilpatrick said during an unprecedented and sometimes combative 70-minute news conference in his city hall offices. "I'll take the lumps on that. I'm upset that we handled it the way we handled it."

Woow, denials, false claims and outright lies were simply "communication screwups". Yeesh, if the guy had just said "Yes its for my family, yes it was purchased for $24,995 so it didn't meet the $25,000 cut-off for Detroit City Council Scrutiny big deal". Most of the fuss would have been erased in an instant.

However, the Mayor's office still seems to be having more "communication screwups"
He [The Mayor] said he had nothing to hide, then sat quietly while his police chief distributed lease documents from which the names of key subordinates -- subordinates who could confirm or dispute the administration's account of the Navigator lease -- had been excised.

Apparently the Mayor still can't come clean on the deal.

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