Friday, January 14, 2005

Amazing Headline Distortion from the Scotsman, a group that watches for anti-Israel bias in the news sadly always has their hands full trying to keep up. Even so, they do a fantastic job.

Take todays report from them concerning The Scotsman's incredibly misleading headline.

The Headline to the articlereads: "Sharon's phone call to Abbas sparks new wave of violence".

The article then states

ARIEL Sharon, the Israeli prime minister, yesterday phoned Mahmoud Abbas to congratulate him on his election as Palestinian president and offer co-operation, the highest-level contact between the two sides in nearly four years.

But even as the two leaders extended efforts to make peace, Palestinian militants resumed rocket and mortar fire at Jewish settlements in Gaza.

As Honest Reporting points out, there is absolutely no evidence the phone call, and a non-threatening and congratulatory phone call it was at that, had anything to do with the attacks by "militants" (note shelling a residential area to attack civilians is not the act of militants but of terrorists.

One wonders if the Scotsman reported the IRA bombings against London pubs and shopping centers as the acts of militants....I think not. Once again Honest Reporting makes clear the media bias against Israel.

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