Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Coin of The Week - A Stater of Alexander The Great

This is a gold stater, dated to 316-315 BC, and it was minted at Sidon, and weighs 8.59g.

On the Obverse: Athena with griffin on helmet
On the Reverse: Winged Nike (the goddess of victory, not the athletic shoe) with Σ in left field. Mint State.

Alexander the Great, Or Alexander III of Macedon is a well-known historical figure, for an impressive list of Alexander the Great links to learn more about him check out Alexander the Great on the Web and incredible compendium of all things Alexander on the web, edited by Tim Spalding.

Pictures of the coin are courtesy of Harlan J. Berk, The bid for the coin is currently at $2090, not bad for an exquisite gold coin that is over 2300 years old and looks almost new, not to mention a fine price for a coin struck by Alexander the Great.

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