Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Both Parties don't want Michigan Affirmative Action Referendum reaching the Ballot

For different reasons, the Michigan Republican party and the Michigan Democratic Party do not want a proposed refferendum banning Affirmative action in government and public universities to get on the ballot in the 2004 election.

The Republicans don't want it on as they fear it will energize the Democrat base to come out and thereby throw Michigan to the Democratic candidate for President and cause other races likewise to be influenced.

The Democrats don't want it on the ballot because it would likely pass. As noted in the artcle Michigan voters want affirmative action ban, the proposed ban would likely pass with 64% of the vote, which would be a huge margin.

As noted in the article, the Democrats are suing to keep it off the ballot. The Republican leadership are likewise not supporting the initiative, which is led by the Michigan Civil Rights initiative Group, but the initiative does have the support of some Republican politicians and Ward Connerly.

It seems that the people of Michigan, if given a chance, will vote against racial discrimination and affirmative action. Let us hope we get the chance to vote on it come November.

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