Monday, August 28, 2017

Flying Lesson #146 - Victory is Mine! At Long Last The Nightmare Ends.

Well, it finally happened.

Last night it was not looking very promising at all weather-wise - rain, thunderstorms and the like and the Outlook briefer was saying it was going to be IFR conditions.

This morning the standard briefing was more promising with light winds, decent cloud ceilings and rain.

Rain I can deal with.

So I went to the airport early ahead of my appointed and the examiner was running a bit late finishing up a Commercial Pilot Exam and said he'd give me a pirep of the conditions but thought they would be ok for flying.

He came back and said we could go ahead if I wanted to do so, and I said I did.

So I went, and I did it.

I am now a licensed Private Pilot.

To say i'm on top of the world right now would be an understatement.


Murphy's Law said...

Congratulations!! And it only took three years, four hundred hours, eleven different instructors at four different schools, three FAA check pilots and two aircraft types!!

And yet you persisted!!

I told you you'd make it.

B said...

Still, despite what he says above, I wish to congratulate you.

OldAFSarge said...

Way to go Aaron!

drjim said...

Well done, my friend!!

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Congratulations!!!!! It is well deserved. Now you can fly as slow as you want, LOL

Aaron said...

ML: 2 years, 25 days; 205.7 hours; 6 different instructors (or 9 if you count substitutes at DCT) at 2.5 flight schools; 1 check pilot; 2 main aircraft models with time in three more, to be exact, but who's counting?

B: Thank you, its been an uphill slog against obstacles to say the least.

OldAFsarge: Thanks!

drjim: Thanks!

MrGarabaldi: Thanks!

juvat said...

Well done, Aaron! On to your Instrument Rating. Strike while the studying iron is hot. You can do it! Maybe even commercial Air Line Pilot rating. Can't be more than a couple hundred more hours.

All kidding aside, well done, and congratulations.

But....remember the "old pilots....bold pilots" analogy.

jon spencer said...

Big question, partial ownership or yours alone?

Old NFO said...

Well done Aaron!

Comrade Misfit said...

BZ, Aaron!

Eck! said...

Congrats! You now have the coveted license to learn. May you enjoy it for a lifetime.


Aaron said...

jon spencer: Financial recuperation form the insane cost overrun of this project, so rental first then maybe go in with someone on an IFR capable aircraft for training IFR.

juvat: Thanks! True enough on the tale of the horrible hours, but I think I'll let the finances recuperate a little before the IFR training and get some fun VFR flying underway as well as sharpen everything up first.

Old NFO: Thank you!

Cmrade Misfit: Thanks!

Eck!: Thanks and yep, I still have lots to learn.