Monday, February 23, 2015

Disney Cruise - At Sea

On the Eastern Caribbean cruise, you spend three days at sea not counting your departure day.

You would think that would be boring, but with so much to do on the ship, that's not the case.

First there were live shows every night including ventriloquism comedy acts, world-class magic shows, and live theater presentations.

There were also first-run Disney movies, for free, on the ship in a great big theater.

We saw Guardians of The Galaxy and Big Hero 6 in 3D and Strange Magic.

Strange Magic, while highly under-publicized and apparently not quite drawing in the viewing audience, was actually quite a fun movie - almost a rock opera with lots of classic rock songs for the adults enjoyment and the kids loved it as well.

Big Hero 6 was a really great, cool and fun movie. It's well worth taking your kids to see and enjoy, and adults will like it too. It also opens the door for a sequel that I'd take the kids to see should it happen.

There were family activities like animation classes where we learned how to draw Disney characters:

The kids had a ton of activities including ridding the Aquaduck, a watercoaster on the ship, but there were also many things for adults to do on board.

They also enjoyed playing mini-golf on the top deck of the ship:

We signed up for champagne tasting and got to try some serious Champagnes like different kinds of Moet Chandon and Tattinger, and yes they do actually taste different and the Champagne Sommelier took us through the history of champagne and the differences in type, appearance, and taste of each.

We learned how to mix drinks from some master bartenders in a mixology class.

From Tequila Sunrises, French Martinis, and more were taught to us in a very fun and hands-on manner.

Here's a neat one, and the final drink we made. The Tiramisu. A dessert shot: 1 oz Kaluha on the bototm, 1 oz Creme de Cacao in the middle and a shot of Bailey's on top for a layered effect. It went down smooth and tasted like a Tiramisu cake.

This was a lot of fun to make and it looked quite impressive and tasted even better going down.

We also got a galley tour to see how all the incredible food is made on board:

The galley was spotless and one of four on the ship. Learning how they feed 4,000 people in a smooth and tasty manner was very impressive and interesting.

Of course, if you don't want to do any activities, you can always just sit and watch the view as the ship sails through the sea:

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