Tuesday, April 29, 2014

NRA Convention Day 2 Part The First

After Day 1, we got up bright and early and headed to Ambulance Driver's Shooter Self Care Class.

It seemed that most every blogger I've heard of was sitting in that classroom.

AD, along with the other paramedic experienced volunteers, taught us everything from the new technique for CPR; using an AED; applying tourniquets; treating bleeding; how to treat a sucking chest wound; and how to get really grossed out by various really graphic pictures.

In short it was a fantastic class, highly recommended.

Then, after stopping by Hardees for a protein in-rush we headed to the NRA convention.

Thence to the convention where we smartly avoided parking in the parking garage. On the first day we had parked in the garage and it took 1 hour to get out. Murphy's Law was not a happy camper waiting all that time in the garage for the idiots running it to incompetently get people out. So, we found some street parking and were happy and better adjusted for it.

We arrived and found the convention was packed.

Heading to the Kyle Lamb seminar on the Survival Mindset we passed by a very long line and here's who was at the head of that line:

Yes, The Gunny, live and in person. Even with the long line, he gave everyone some personal attention and was an awesome charming fellow.

Then we hurriedly made our way to Kyle Lamb's seminar on the Survival Mindset.

The seminar was standing room only, but again ML found us some seats - he's very handy that way.

Again, Mr. Lamb's presentation rocked. He started off by saying it is not about surviving a gunfight, but thriving in a gunfight. To thrive requires understanding and preparation before, during and after the fight.

He covered in depth the many considerations for preparing for a self-defense incident, which was the bulk of the presentation, as well as issues to be aware of both during and after the fight.

Afterwards, he personally autographed his books. I picked up a copy of Stay in the Fight!! Warriors Guide to the Combat Pistol and a copy of Leadership In The Shadows, a book so new Amazon doesn't seem to have it available for sale yet.

A great seminar and I'm seriously contemplating organizing a Viking Tactics / Kyle Lamb pistol/carbine class.

Any of my fellow bloggers interested in doing it? If so, we can either do it in the DC area or in Michigan. Let me know and if there's sufficient serious interest I'm willing to take the lead in the logistics of arranging the class.


Ambulance Driver said...

Pleasure having you in class!

Aaron said...

AD: Thanks, the pleasure was all mine, and thank you for making it happen and teaching such an excellent class.