Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Obama Administration pushes Unions on the Airlines

The Detroit News: Airlines oppose union rule change
The National Mediation Board proposed a rule change Monday that would allow airline and railroad workers to unionize, even if a majority of workers don't participate in the election.

The change would overturn more than 75 years of precedent. It would eliminate a requirement that a majority of workers must participate in a unionization election for it to be valid.
Unsurprisingly, the change does not have a parallel provision to decertify a union without a majority, thus tipping the balance firmly towards the unions.

It's not like airlines are flush with cash and ripe for plucking by unions, they're hanging on by their wingtips and increaed labor costs through pushed-through unionization without even a majority of workers approving the change is just plane wrong.

Yet another example of payback to Obama's union backers.

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