Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Reported Vote Fraud in Pontiac

Details are sketchy but Right Michigan is reporting on voter fraud occurring in Pontiac, Michigan -- an Obama stronghold. Hijinks include excluding Republican poll watches from the polls and mixing provisional ballots in with regular ballots - making any audit or fraud investigation impossible.

Combine this with intimidation by Black Panthers against non-Obama voters in Philadelphia and other frauds elsewhwere and this could be the high-tide (or the standard to be set for the future) of Democrat election fraud, where they put it all on the line to win. After all if you can't win fairly then cheat your way to victory as the ends justifies the means right?


Murphy's Law said...

West Virginia just declared for McCain. we did our part here. Now it's your turn.

Aaron said...

Heck, they called Michigan for Obama before they practically started counting any votes.

Michigan doesn't change - run down under a Democrat majority we're going to give the rest of the nation a taste ofwhat its like under a Democrat majority elsewhere. You could say the majority of Michiganders didn't want it to be a one state recession anymore.

Expatriate Owl said...

My wife and son and I did our part, but, living in New York, it didn't really change the electoral outcome of the Presidential race. Like Michigan, New York was called for Obama before anyone started counting any votes.

But I believe that within a short time after Barack Hussein Obama takes office, he will have lots of disillusioned and disappointed supporters. I already see the seeds of discontent planted in our own Governor. Mr. Paterson, you will recall, was in Washington last week calling for more financial support for the Empire State. Methinks that our Guv will be among the leaders of the pack of disillusioned Obama sheep.

And, on the other side of the aisle, I can see some big time, major league toochas-kicking within the upper (and some lower) ranks of the Republican party apparatchiks.