Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dive Report: Spring Mill Pond - June 14 06

Spring Mill Pond is located in the Island Lake Recreation Area near Brighton, Michigan.

It is a great place to practice diving: no powerboats or speeding PWC's (Seadoos)with owners that don't know what a dive flag means to run you down. The depth of the pond is 30 feet, which is ample for basic dive practice in between going to farther away quarries, the Great Lakes etc.

So off I went. Diving with my instructor, who has a standing offer if the weather is good to be there on Wednesday nights to dive, we descended into the pond. Visibility was 6-10 feet and very silty. Some brown trout were visible, and the Instructor showed me where the sunken snowmobile, paddle boat and scuba tank were located (if you don't know where they are, good luck finding them in that viz!).

Its great place to work on your buoyancy control and basic maneuvers.

It turns out that with 26 ponds of lead I was little light by the end of the dive. (Air has weight, when you use it up underwater, your aluminum tank becomes positively buoyant by 4 pounds.) I had a bit of fun keeping level during the safety stop, and immediately went off and bought 4 more pounds of weight, which should do the trick.

Its a fun place to dive and it was good to get wet again after my certification dives.

if this evil cold clears up, I'll be off to dive it again tomorrow.

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