Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Marines - 1 UAW - 0

The UAW after a 10 year policy of permitting Marine Reservcists to park in its lot, decided that Marines could only park there if they did not drive a "foreign" car and not display any Pro-Bush bumper stickers. Wow, telling Marines that they cannot overtly support their Commander-in-Chief...great call on that one UAW.

After the groundswell of outrage at the UAW's actions, they retracted their policy.

These are Marines however and they're not buying it as can be seen in the linked Detroit News Article. The UAW is learning, as have all of the Corps' opponents that its not wise to be an enemy of the Marine Corps.

The UAW has offered an "olive branch" to the Marines and will let them park there again, but that has been rejected. However, there is still a fit use for which the Marines could use the UAW parking lot: for Bayonet Practice.

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