Monday, December 08, 2003

Its how you look at the numbers

The Detroit News has a headline reading Fed dragnet snares few terroristswith an accompany subtitle "U.S. nabs 6,400, but only 23 get sentences of 5 years or more".

You have to read the entire artcle to get the full story: Over 6,400 cases refeered for prosecution, of which 2,700 have been concluded, often with the person getting a few months in jail and being deported, so these threats are bwing removed from our country.

Even if the headline that only 23 get sentences of 5 years or more, that is still 23 terrorists put away. Many of the others receiving lesser sentences and being deported still committed some crimes, and we're better off without them.

Of course, the Detroit news has two tear-jerking stories of overeach and overuse of the "terrorism" label - One use against a guy who used a pipebomb to blow up his girlfriends car, and another against a trucker that made harrasing phone calls.

But of course, that's only 2 examples of overreach out of 6,400.

The article also quotes Imad Haddad of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the same Imad Haddad that sent a threatening letter to the President of the School Board in Dearborn, advising him to declare Eid a holiday or face "serious ramifications and unexpected unhealthy consequences".

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