Friday, July 29, 2011

The 1911 Returns

As I blogged about before, my go-to 1911 was looking a little worn and sad. The night sights on it had gone dim, the bluing was worn, and it still had a drop-in kinda beavertail rather than a properly installed one.

So I sent it off to Robar to be redone and brought back hopefully better than even its former glory. They were having a sale on NP3+ finishes so I decided to go for it, along with new night sights and a proper beavertail.

I hoped it would return refreshed and restored from its sad state, ready to return to use.

After a reasonable wait, the result:

I can't wait to get it to the range this weekend.

The NP3+ is a really slick coating. The slide moves much easier, and magazines drop with alacrity (the magazine was also NP3+ coated as part of the job).

The new beavertail is flawlessly fitted and fills the hand perfectly, making an instinctively perfect grip a simple thing. The bump on the bottom of the beavertail makes sure it is always depressed when a grip is taken.

Oh yes, the new night sights are bright and perfect, and have a nicer appearance than the old sights.

Robar did a really, really, nice job on this refurbishment. Robar lived up to its reputation and exceeded my expectation.

My go-to 1911 looks and feels like a completely new pistol, and I expect it will shoot as nicely as it looks.

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